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Camera technology to prevent accidents on one-way streets

Camera technology to prevent accidents on one-way streets
Tristan Honeywill

A German car manufacturer is planning to launch a new car next year with a system to prevent drivers going the wrong way down a one-way street. The technology is being developed by Continental after research revealed that 3% of all fatal accidents on Germany’s roads are caused this way.

A camera recognises the “No Entry” signs and warns the driver via the instrument cluster. It also sounds a warning signal and can tap the brakes if the driver continues or make the accelerator pedal harder to push. Exactly what kind of warnings the driver will receive is being decided by the car manufacturer.

The camera is mounted behind the windshield, level with the rear-view mirror. It recognises all speed limit signs and informs drivers about the current speed limit via a display on the dashboard.

Continental is also involved in a number of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure research projects. If a car entered a one-way street at the wrong end, the car could warn oncoming traffic or alert traffic lights to prevent a traffic jam.

With around 3657 deaths on Germany’s roads each year, this technology could save around 100 lives. It’s not clear, however, if the accidents are car-to-car accidents or collisions with pedestrians and cyclists. If so, other technologies might also help address this issue as well.

It will interesting to find out which manufacturer is introducing this – and how much the system will be able to intervene. Most people will appreciate this, but how many would be opposed on principle?

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