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Citroën C4 Picasso makes fitting child safety seats easier

Citroën C4 Picasso makes fitting child safety seats easier
Tristan Honeywill

The Citroën C4 Picasso has scored five stars in Euro NCAP’s crash safety assessment, providing solid protection for families who want the extra space and flexibility of a small MPV. The new car has better whiplash protection than its predecessor and three ISOFIX points that make the most popular child safety seats easy to install.

At the start of 2013, Euro NCAP started to check how easy it is to install the most common seats from Römer, Britax, Maxi Cosi and BeSafe. In the past they just used the seats recommended by the car company – usually a Britax. Families with small children will welcome the better information.

The ISOFIX mounting points on all three second-row seats all offered simple fitment, says Euro NCAP. There was no problem either with the rear-facing three-year old seat, the Baby 2PC (not widely available in the UK), used in the crash test. It was easy to fit and performed well. Check the Citroën C4 Picasso’s data-sheet for a list of the seats tested.

For parents who need to use the front seat for their baby, it is possible to disable the passenger airbag and it’s clear when it’s on or off. There are also seatbelt reminders on the rear seats – not all cars offer this as standard.

Typical for a French car, the C4 Picasso features a manual speed assist system, helping drivers to maintain a safe speed. The side impact protection is also pretty standard for many French models: in Euro NCAP’s severe pole test, which simulates an impact with a tree or lamp post, the MPV offered poor protection of the driver’s chest. It’s not clear why. Protection when hit from the side by another car is much better: protection of the head, chest and abdomen are all good, says Euro NCAP.

At the time of writing full details of the options were not available, but the car is not expected to feature a lot of interesting accident prevention technologies. When prices and spec are available, we’ll bring you an update.


  1. paula leake

    I was just wondering if they had got rid of the under floor storage compartments in the back which also make car seat installation tricky.

    • Hi Paula. Excellent question. I checked on this with Citroën. The car does have under-floor storage compartments and it also has Top Tether points on the tops of the seats. Parents won’t be able to use a child seat with a support leg – as you know the lids of these aren’t strong enough to support the seat in an accident. Parents must instead use the Top Tether to secure the seat properly. Each of the three rear seats has one. It will be interesting to see how well they are positioned!

  2. lindsey

    if I fit a front facing child seat (for a 7 y/o) in the front passenger seat of the c4 picasso do I need to disable that airbag?

    • Hi. That’s OK. You only disable the rear-facing child seats because the child’s head is right next to the airbag when it goes off. Hope that helps

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