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About Us

For safer cars

My wife and I were discussing which car to buy. Our first child was on the way and we had a two-seater sports car on the driveway that was no longer relevant. We needed something safe, reliable and practical.

We looked at car reviews and forums and realised that most focus on the ride and handling, acceleration, basic space and running costs. Those that mention safety at all tend only to cite the Euro NCAP star rating.

Having written about vehicle engineering for a few years, I knew that five star cars are now pretty common, but not all are the same. Some companies take it really seriously and go the extra mile; some engineer their cars to get five stars and no more.

Euro NCAP’s tests aren’t quite perfect either. They’re a good place to start, but looking at the results in more detail, understanding the differences and looking at the standard spec and options list properly are, I think, the best way to sanity-check your shortlist.

Safety isn’t the only consideration when buying a car and it isn’t everybody’s number one priority. With Car Safety Rules I want to give people information they can use to make more informed decisions. I’d also like to raise awareness of the progress being made to improve safety for children, older people and other road users.

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Tristan Honeywill, October 2012
Tristan Honeywill
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